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1. Me, Myself and I (Compiled)

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1. Me, Myself and I

Objective – Design  a namecard that describes you.
Themes – Idea Generation of Character, Personality and Innerself of Me, Myself and I
Stage 0 – Idea Exploration
Stage 1 – 4 Preliminary Sketches.
Stage 2 – 2 roughs
Stage 3 – 1 CG prototype
Stage 4 – Final work (A5 size)



When I first hear about the theme, ideas ran through my mind on what I want to do. It seems easy, but when I got down to do it, it wasn’t as easy as I thought. We have to make sure there is manipulations in objects to form the words. What’s worst, the 15 thumbnails I came up with did not really manipulate the objects. They were mainly letters formed by the things I wanted.

Thus, after some re-sketching, this is what came out…


Thumbnails sketches
Thumbnails sketches- Here are some of the better 8 thumbnails out of the 12 that I did.

Something special: Before I did the drawings, I tried out some of the gymnastics poses. Can you see the word?

I’ve actually did a word GYM in one of the school performances before, which was even more difficult….

Gymnastic Poses
Gymnastic Poses

After some some considerations, I decided to work on the following themes: Gymnastics, Mahjong/Gambling hatting, nature-loving 2( Rocks and stuff) and art & craft, to develop the 4 prelimary sketches.


My name is Tiffy and I love Gymnastics
My name is Tiffy and I love Gymnastics

This name was initially Tiffany, but due to space constraints, I have to cut it down to Tiffy~

I was a gymnast (Artistic Gymnastics) in Secondary School, but why do I love Gymnastics? You may not believe it, but I was influenced by the classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers when I was young. Kimberly the Pink Ranger was my favourite, and she, being a gymnast made me want to be one in future, just like her! But well well, dreams are still dreams, though I managed to join the Gymnastics, I didn’t really had a good coach, so… here I am, still dreaming…

T- It’s The Ring in Gymnastics, I didn’t use a female, as usually it’s the male in my school who can do it well.

I- Parallel Bars- I watched this from the competition once, and I found it cool~

Fs- Is the balance Beam, we can’t really have 2 gymnasts on 1 beam, as it’s quite dangerous, but well, my name has 2 Fs, so no choice~

Y- This is a handstand with you legs open, it’s supposed to be more open, but I have to keep it within the space limit

My name is Tiffon and I hate gambling
My name is Tiffon and I hate gambling

I dislike gambling, all sorts… I don’t mind those casual kinds during Chinese New Year, as it seem festive with all the Gambling going on… ritual of some sorts… But I feel that buying 4D, Toto etc are all a waste of money… Imagine how money you would have saved if you have saved the money that is used to gamble instead of wasting them away!

In this drawing, I have different layers, where there’s a bankbook below implying how money is wasted and spent on gambling. The 4D slips and I.O.U should be quite obvious… I tried googling for I.O.U to see how it looks like, but appearent there isn’t any samples online… so pardon me if that isn’t how it should look like.

T- will be shaded on the 4D slip

I- some other forms of mahjong I think, forgot what’s the name… But seen it on TV before. It’s represented by 1 and 6 which resembles “i”

Fs-The double Fs both comes from the Chinese word 北 which belongs one of the mahjong tiles.

O- The tokens in casinoes

N-Inverted U from the I.O.U slip

My name is Tiffon and I love nature
My name is Tiffon and I love nature

I started liking nature in secondary school when I was taught Geography. I think it’s partly because the teacher always force the students to draw meanders and decomposition of rocks and stuff, and I’m good at it! wahahah…

The above are mainly boulders, with a sapling representing the i, a round boulder as O and the rock that has a cave after years of weathering…

I drew cracks to represent the weathering process taking place..

My name Tiffvin and I love art & craft
My name Tiffvin and I love art & craft

Tiffvin is actually a combination of Tiffany + Gavin, a nickname I used online. In this sketch, I used the different aspects of art and craft to show my interest.

T- The cross from cross stitching sticks. Something I have been wanting to learn…

I- This should be obvious enough, glue with the wool from the coss sticthing as the dot for “i”.

F- I used a paintbrush which is fdrawing stuff to represent F here… Cuz I like painting!

F-Pencil for the other F, drawing curves strokes to represent twor strokes in F.

V- It’s a compass, which I sometimes used in drawing of circles (connected to the pencil in F)

I- Buttons and sequins to represent my love for sewing.

N- Protracter, another instrument used in drawing, and Maths (I love Mathematics!!!)


My name is Tiffon and I hate gambling
My name is Tiffon and I hate gambling
My name is Tiffon and I hate gambling as Gambling=Digging your own grave
My name is Tiffon and I hate gambling as Gambling=Digging your own grave


Out of the four, the class like the idea of the mahjong tile being read as 2 Fs and suggested to have cracks to suggest the notion of hating. They chose this anti-gambling idea out of the four as it’s more unique.

Even though I like the Gymnastic idea more, it is quite common amongst the class to use human manipulations to form words

The second picture was drawn after the class review, thus it is not included in the review.

CG version 1
CG version 1

OK, it didn’t come out as good as I want it too, and I couldn’t make the mahjoing tile split into 2. I used the lights so that viewers will know that the O from I.O.U is not something I want to focus on, yet I need to let them know its I.O.U… sigh…

Tried to make it more 3D, more something seems wrong somewhere…

Added some 4D slips gotten from my mum… yes, she gambles… but I love her… 😛

But well well, we will see the comments from the class…

The T and I is too striking (Black)
The i if not very visible, because of the tilt…
The crack is not really strong (Yeah, I personally find it quite fake)
The light focusing on it makes it seems more like “Love gambling” instead of “Hate Gambling”
Some even joke that I should just say I like Gambling, and that will save a lot of trouble… haha But I shall stick with my principles, and work something out!
The whole picture looks very flat to me and it just didn’t work out.
Though I spent a lot of effort on it, scanning the different graphics etc, but something seems wrong inspite of the various “it’s OK lar” reviews.
I got the idea of having the tiles in a grave scene on my way home (Don’t know why, ideas always strikes me when I’m travelling on trains and bus) Thus I decided to sketch out some stuff that I have in mind.
I decided to work on my alternate rough as I like the idea of Gambling= digging your own grave.
Name grave version 1
Name grave version 1
This was my finalised work. But my friend commented that the hole is a little misleading. Generally, people can see the words.
So after some modification…
CG Grave name (Final)
CG Grave name (Final)


Illustrator: WOohoo, I’ve finally got the hook of using illustrator. And know what? It’s not through the lesson given, but through the online tutorial and the need to colour the graphics from story book.


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