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1. Me, Myself & I – Stage 0

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1. Me, Myself and I

Objective – Design  a namecard that describes you.
Themes – Idea Generation of Character, Personality and Innerself of Me, Myself and I
Stage 0 – Idea Exploration
Stage 1 – 4 Preliminary Sketches.
Stage 2 – 2 roughs
Stage 3 – 1 CG prototype
Stage 4 – Final work (A5 size)



Thumbnails sketches

Thumbnails sketches- Here are some of the better 8 thumbnails out of the 12 that I did.

Something special: Before I did the drawings, I tried out some of the gymnastics poses. Can you see the word? I’ve actually did a word GYM in one of the school performances before, which was even more difficult….

Gymnastic Poses

Gymnastic Poses

After some some considerations, I decided to work on the following themes: Gymnastics, Mahjong/Gambling hatting, nature-loving 2( Rocks and stuff) and art & craft, to develop the 4 prelimary sketches.


Author: Tiffany Yong

The ABC Girl (Actor, Blogger, Consultant) in Singapore!

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