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1. Me, Myself & I – Stage 3

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1. Me, Myself and I

Objective – Design  a namecard that describes you.
Themes – Idea Generation of Character, Personality and Innerself of Me, Myself and I
Stage 0 – Idea Exploration
Stage 1 – 4 Preliminary Sketches.
Stage 2 – 2 roughs
Stage 3 – 1 CG prototype
Stage 4 – Final work (A5 size)


CG version 1
CG version 1

OK, it didn’t come out as good as I want it too, and I couldn’t make the mahjoing tile split into 2. I used the lights so that viewers will know that the O from I.O.U is not something I want to focus on, yet I need to let them know its I.O.U… sigh…

Tried to make it more 3D, more something seems wrong somewhere…

Added some 4D slips gotten from my mum… yes, she gambles… but I love her… 😛

But well well, we will see the comments from the class…

The T and I is too striking (Black)
The i if not very visible, because of the tilt…
The crack is not really strong (Yeah, I personally find it quite fake)
The light focusing on it makes it seems more like “Love gambling” instead of “Hate Gambling”
Some even joke that I should just say I like Gambling, and that will save a lot of trouble… haha But I shall stick with my principles, and work something out!
The whole picture looks very flat to me and it just didn’t work out.
Though I spent a lot of effort on it, scanning the different graphics etc, but something seems wrong inspite of the various “it’s OK lar” reviews.
I got the idea of having the tiles in a grave scene on my way home (Don’t know why, ideas always strikes me when I’m travelling on trains and bus) Thus I decided to sketch out some stuff that I have in mind.
I decided to work on my alternate rough as I like the idea of Gambling= digging your own grave.


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