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2. Pictogram (Lovers’ Park) – Stage 2

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2. Pictogram

Objective – Design a pictogram for the NUS community to be placed within NUS
Theme – Idea Generation of NUS location
Stage 1 – Abstraction Research
Stage 2 – Prototype 1: Degree of Abstraction – Photo + 5 Steps of Reduction (A3 size)
Stage 3 – Prototype 2: Degree of Abstraction – Photo + 5 Steps of Reduction (A3 size)
Stage 4 – Final Revised Work: Degree of Abstraction (A3 size) with Final Choice (15cm x 15cm)


Original Picture of NUS Lover's Park   &   Abstraction 1
Original Picture of NUS Lover’s Park & Abstraction 1

This picture was take from the second story outside NUS Central Library. I bet not many people will notice that the path of the park is in stripes!

In abstraction 1, I used the commonly used toilet pictogram to represent lovers in the park.

3. Focus zoom    and    4. abstraction focus
2. Focus zoom and 3. abstraction focus

I zoom in on to the ‘lovers’. I added a bush to make it look more like a park, as the trees kind of blocked the ‘lovers’ if I placed another tree there. I changed the ‘lovers’ and it became the Bendigo 2004 version of pictogram.

For the third abstraction, I modify the pictures I found in wikimedia as the unofficial summer olympics pictogram to become the ‘lovers’as I focused in more, I added flowers beside to make it look more like a park.

4. Further zoom   and   5. abstraction
4. Further zoom and 5. abstraction

OK, I zoomed in to the lovers’ faces, and the images were adapted from 1984 Los Angeles Olympics pictogram. Though it couldn’t be recognised anymore as only the upper half of body is seen. The female is recognised by the flower on her head, while the heart is decorated with flowers which signifies the heard.

I got the idea of the last abstraction from a picture I found called the environmental leaf. If you notice, the 2 footprints belong to a male (the one with rounded tree) and a female (the one with a more pointed tree. So it kinda shows several messages in this one picture. 1. Heart outline -Path in the park + Love, 2. Footprint in a park + Male and Female, 3. Toes of footprint= trees.

I actually wanted to make the inner footprint look like 2 person kissing or facing each other, but it ended up looking like 2 kidneys! Arghh…

A3 Abstraction Process

Assignment B: Prototype 1
Assignment B: Prototype 1


Ok, I realised I did the whole reduction process wrongly after the tutorial. We are not supposed to add or change the picture, but only simplify the picture.

Some mentioned that the abstraction Picture 3 and 4 looks as it they are on bed! lol… I didn’t even think about that! Perhaps I was too engross in the human pictogram!

Abstraction picture 2 was suggested to be the chosen pictogram, thus I should shift it down to the 4th abstraction instead.

Some people like the last one a lot, hmm, but I don’t think I can include that… though I spend the most time on it… sigh… so much with the footprint, tree toes and hearts…


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