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3. U C what I C – Stage 0

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3. U C what I C

Objective – Tell a story in 8 photos without using words
Themes – A story that makes use of photo manipulation
Stage 0 – Idea Generation
Stage 1 – Preliminary Sketches (Hand-drawn)
Stage 2 – Photo Story Prototype 1 (A3 size)
Stage 3 – Photo Story Prototype 2 (A3 size)
Stage 4 – Final Revised Work (A3 size)


For this particular assignment, I did not really do any mind map to think of what I want to do. I thought of the storyline when I’m on shuttle bus, walking, trying to find sources of ideas and inspirations here and there.

I was thinking of the twist that was optional…

Hmmm, what kinda twist should it be? Romance? Comedy? What it showed out to be but actually not? I was afraid the twist may come out similar to what others have, and at that moment, I was on the A2 bus entering the business faculty carpark…

The beauty of the patch of greenery below The Deck got me!

Viola, an idea adapted from one of the many Enid Blyton books appeared in my mind. That story was called, the Garden Gnome or something like that I think, from the Story book called The Tower in the Ho-Ho Woods. It says that in every wall, there will be a garden gnome who took care of the patches of moss on the wall.

So I decided to come up with a story of a fairy taking care of the flowers under the Deck.

Once, in popular, a bright pink story book caught my eye, and it is a story book about a fairy taking care of the park. It kinda coincides with mine, and our assignment is restricted to only 8 pictures, thus I decided to make a story that involves human too!


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