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3. U C what I C – Stage 1

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3. U C what I C

Objective – Tell a story in 8 photos without using words
Themes – A story that makes use of photo manipulation
Stage 0 – Idea Generation
Stage 1 – Preliminary Sketches (Hand-drawn)
Stage 2 – Photo Story Prototype 1 (A3 size)
Stage 3 – Photo Story Prototype 2 (A3 size)
Stage 4 – Final Revised Work (A3 size)


Sketches of Photo story
Sketches of Photo story

So this story hopes to say that, in every ‘garden’ there is a fairy taking care of the flowers. One day a girl passes by and found the flowers pretty. The fairy was shocked when the girl plucks the flower from the garden. In anger, the garden fairy uses her wand and punished the girl. She used her powers to connect the flowers back when the girl wals away. Now the fairy is happy.


Author: Tiffany Yong

The ABC Girl (Actor, Blogger, Consultant) in Singapore!

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