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4. Save, Prevention, Kill Poster -Stage 3

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4. Poster

Objective – Create a Poster for the General Public
Themes – Save, Prevention, Kill
Stage 1 – Idea Generation
Stage 2 – Poster Prototype 1 (A3 size)
Stage 3 – Poster Prototype 2 (A3 size)
Stage 4 – Final Revised Work (A3 size)

Another idea strike me! Ha, I thought of making a poster that get viewers to guess how the person die. Cutting of wrist?Over dosage of pills? etc, but the answer is actually depression, loneliness and discrimination etc…

This would be focusing on one graphic instead of having many like my previous one.

Poster in Portrait and Landscape
Poster in Portrait and Landscape

I was choosing between the landscape and the portrait version. Personally, I prefer the landscape one as it’s something different. I got comments from my friends and those who chose the portrait ones commented that it is more of the norm, or landscape stands out more.

Thus, I decided to choose the landscape one!

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