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5. Your Notion of Colurful Asia Postcard – Stage 1

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5. Your Notion of Colurful Asia Postcard

Objective – Create a postcard
Themes – Your notion of colourful Asia… (in cultural, politcal and social aspects of Asia)
Stage 0 – Idea Generation
Stage 1 – Preliminary Sketches (Hand-drawn)
Stage 2 – Colour Scheme Thumbnail Draft 1 (A3 size) and Postcard Prototype 1 (A6 size)
Stage 3 – Colour Scheme Thumbnail Drafts 2 (A3 size)
Stage 4 – Final Revised Work (A6 size)




You can see that these sketches are super rough, and they are all individual figures. I tried working with illustrator, but no matter what, I just simply can’t work it out.

My idea is to have various buildings from all over the countries, and people of different ethnic cultures parachuting down. However, I realise it means having different ethnic clothings =harder to draw.

You can see that lady from Thailand, when I drew out, I was thinking of the costume design. Thus the decision for not using that.

A stroke of idea made me thought of comic characters, and I decided to use comic characters from different countries. Japan’s characters are all over the place, and I tried researching and found Lao Fu Zi from Hong Kong, Pucca from Korea (though she looks Japan-ish), and Mr Kiasu representing Singapore.

I tried looking for Malaysia, India and other countries, but the cartoon characters etc were either not found or the size of the picture is too small for me to refer…


For the infrastructure, I decided to use Mount Fuji for Japan and sakura flower blossom, and the Twin Petronas Tower for Malaysia, the temple like tower which is supposed to represent Korea, Taj Mahal for India , Taipei 101 for Taiwan, and the Great Wall of China for China. Of course, for Singapore, it would be the famous durian like explanade and the merlion.


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The ABC Girl (Actor, Blogger, Consultant) in Singapore!

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