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5. Your Notion of Colurful Asia Postcard – Stage 2

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5. Your Notion of Colurful Asia Postcard

Objective – Create a postcard
Themes – Your notion of colourful Asia… (in cultural, politcal and social aspects of Asia)
Stage 0 – Idea Generation
Stage 1 – Preliminary Sketches (Hand-drawn)
Stage 2 – Colour Scheme Thumbnail Draft 1 (A3 size) and Postcard Prototype 1 (A6 size)
Stage 3 – Colour Scheme Thumbnail Drafts 2 (A3 size)
Stage 4 – Final Revised Work (A6 size)


Colour scheme
Colour scheme

Everything didn’t work out as I imagine it to be. I had a difficult time arranging every thing and everything seems out of place. The biggest problem was with the Gret wall which is simply too abstract.

As everything was hand drawn, the colouring was a big headache for me as those area where my line doesn’t fully cover, it will end up colouring the whole layer.I tried blending and shadowing without any success. (see Great Wall)


Prototype 1 (Original)
Prototype 1 (Original)

In the end I decided to choose the original one as my final work.


The class didn’t give much comment, as my inability to use Illustrator kinda spoilt everything and tied my hands down. The found the neon one nice, but I was thinking of using the uncoloured version for children to colour and they like the idea. The problem will be it will seem incomplete.

But the surprise was not many people know about Mr Kiasu! Hmmm, am I being too back-dated?

I decided to approach Jing after lecture, and she gave me a few suggestions. The main problem with my work is that’s too flat. (Wow, that’s the word for it!) It has no perspective and it isn’t arranged carefult. For eg. Taj Mahal is ‘heavy’ and should be placed near the bottom…

She roughly drew out the perspective I could have, and mentioned that if I followed this method, the problem may be solved. I asked if I should just concentrate with the comic characters instead, and she say that will simplify things A LOT and it will work the same.

She suggested using Lat for Malaysia, whose characters all have the nose shaped like

Thus I decided to follow her advice…

I asked if I could present 2 version of the postcard, one for kids (colouring version) and one as official. And she said yes!~


Before the Birth of Draft 2

Even though I said that I’m going to concentrate on the comic character, some teeny part of me is still unwilling to part with the buildings, but as there’s simple too many people working on the buildings already, the unique-ness is no longer there.

Thus, I was thinking along the line of “why should the comic characters come to be together? I suddenly thought of a great idea one of my classmate, Rui Shen had in his first assignment, using Egyptians carving as words. I decided to adapt the idea and use it on the buildings!

Woohoo~ I solved my troubles!

By this time, I had finally learn how to use illustrator and understand what everyone means by the power of Illustrator. Because of the need to learn when colouring the final project.

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