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5. Your Notion of Colurful Asia Postcard – Stage 3

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5. Your Notion of Colurful Asia Postcard

Objective – Create a postcard
Themes – Your notion of colourful Asia… (in cultural, politcal and social aspects of Asia)
Stage 0 – Idea Generation
Stage 1 – Preliminary Sketches (Hand-drawn)
Stage 2 – Colour Scheme Thumbnail Draft 1 (A3 size) and Postcard Prototype 1 (A6 size)
Stage 3 – Colour Scheme Thumbnail Drafts 2 (A3 size)
Stage 4 – Final Revised Work (A6 size)


Colour scheme2
Colour scheme2

In my 2nd version, I used The “Chew on it” characters [Those comic strips you see in toilet, trains and Straits Times for Singapore, followed by Cha Cha Chaudhary for India, Doraemon for Japan, Mashimaro for Korea, Lat for Malaysia, The Sun Wu Kong (Monkey god) to represent comics from Taiwan ( I didn’t know till I research! Cool, the comics I have been reading like Journey to the West, Dao etc ar actually drawn by Taiwan artist!) and Lao Fu Zi from Hong Kong.

I made it like an Asian Exhibition where all the characters gather.

Using Illustrator, I managed to draw out everything and complete in 5hrs. (Power of Stress) The shaowing made everything more realistic. And the challenge comes when you have to leave everything in white before colouring them again.

Every characters are linked subtlely to one another, and I hope everyone can see it. From left, the ‘Chew on it’ character is turning back to see what happened with the Cha Cha Chaudhary trying to poke him with his stick. Doraemon is happily skipping around, with Sun Wu Kong looking at hime in amusement, Mashimaro is the only one looking at the exhibition intently (see the Korean South Gate it’s looking at) while is looking down to see what it’s doing. Lao Fu Zi is trying to act politically correct bywaving hi to everyone.

For the infrastructure, I tried to arrange everything in such a way that they can all be viewed clearly.


Colour schemes, instead of the usual titles of Warm, Cold, Sweet etc, I had something different like Food Poisoning( relating to the recent case), super powers etc, to relate to what kind of impression the whole picture gives when the colours are changed.


Author: Tiffany Yong

The ABC Girl (Actor, Blogger, Consultant) in Singapore!

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