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Final Project: Storybook -Stage 1

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Final Project

ObjectiveCreate a storybook for children aged 6-9
Themes Hype, Crook and Lyric
Stage 0 Pre-Research
Stage 1 Idea Generation
Stage 2 Preliminary Sketches
Stage 3 Colour Palette
Stage 4Final Work

We generated our ideas over the IVLE community and there were plenty of ideas like:

1. Having the main character being a really cute tortoise and the story or something has to do with the tortoise’s home being on one side of a hedge. and he spends most of the story wondering what’s on the other side, and he goes around asking his mother his friend his neighbour etc. etc. and they all tell him not to bother, and that his home’s very comfortable and nice already, why trouble himself. when he does go over or through the hedge. he bumps into a lot of problems, cars or something until eventually a human kid picks him up and bring him home. (bad ending)


once he gets captured and put into a tank, he gets depressed and the human that catches him notices and releases him back into the wild!!!! (good ending)

moral of the story? listen to your parents. ~ Sherman

2. Steve= who can be an animal/ toddler or something who hates colouring. Everytime his mother taught him colouring, he will anyhow scribble. (We can show a picture with a transparency with scribbles on top). Stephy, Steve’s elder sister loves colouring. One day, Steve woke up with the whole world in black and white. Steve started crying. Stephy comforted Steve and started on on a mission to fill the world with colours.

Activities in stories like help Steve and Stephy colour the world with the correct colours. ~ Me!

3.  Mandy save her parents!

Mandy has 6 siblings. She is the middle childe. Mandy is a shy kid. Whenever her friends play hopscotch, she will always be the one sitting by the side. Whenever her friends play catching, she will always not be found. Mandy is not good at sports but she likes puzzles. Her parents always forgot to call her out for meals as she’s always so quiet. Whenever her parents put her siblings to sleep, they often miss her out. One night, Mandy saw a bright light in the sky. She heard a scream. Mandy ran to the window and saw UFOs! They have caught her parents! Mandy is scared. But she remember how her grandfather always call her to be brave. Mandy ran out and stopped the aliens from catching her parents. The alien look at her and says, “I hav 3 baby aliens. They are very playful and went missing. Help me find them and I will release your parents” Mandy is scared, but in order to save her parents, she has to be brave. Help Mandy save her parents by solving the puzzle. 1. Spot the Alien babies (Osborne puzzles) 2. Join the number dotted lines 3. Open tabs to find the alien baby. ~ Me!

4.  Alice in Singapore

Alice comes from England. Linda is her cousin living in Singapore. Alice came to spend her holidays with Linda. It is her first time visiting Singapore.  Linda is excited to have her favourite cousin to stay. She plan to bring Alice to many places in Singapore. Linda brought Alice to Little India to see… She loves the colour of the saris and even tried on one… She saw the Indian temple and ppl going to pray… Linda brought Alice to Chinatown to … Alice bought a Qipao for herself. blah blah…

Matching the places of interest to the different ethnics/ costumes/ infrastructure. ~ Me!

5. Story of the Sun and the Moon
In this story, the two main characters are the sun and the moon. The plot behind this story is that the sun and the moon only get to see each other and play with each other during dawn and dusk, however before long either of them will be called back to their homes for their different bed times.
This story is adapted from an illustrated video on YouTube. However, we felt that this story does not have an appropriate moral for the children to learn from, and does not fit the target audience of 6-9 years old. ~ Jalea

6. In this story, the main character is Dino the little dinosaur. He is an avid traveler and decides to go on a world tour to visit the 7 wonders of the world. Along the way Dino faces interesting situations that causes him to learn lessons such as being environmentally friendly and to be a responsible tourist.

We thought of having this to be an activity book where children readers can fill in the names of the countries which are being visited in the story. However, we anticipated that the story would be too long, hence would not fulfill the requirements of the project being 12-20 pages long. In addition, the concept of teaching children about the 7 wonders of the world, as well as to inculcate a moral behind the story, would be too complex. ~ Estee


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