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Final Project: Storybook -Stage 3

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Final Project

ObjectiveCreate a storybook for children aged 6-9
Themes Hype, Crook and Lyric
Stage 0 Pre-Research
Stage 1 Idea Generation
Stage 2 Preliminary Sketches
Stage 3 Colour Palette
Stage 4Final Work


Colour Palette

Colour Palette

Colour Palette colours of tortoises were kept light, and pleasing to the eye
Penguin the Policeman

Penguin the Policeman

For the penguin policeman, we used a brighter shade of blue for his beret instead of dark blue, to make him seem more friendly and approachable
Fox Colour Palette

Fox Colour Palette

colours of the fox were a slightly darker shade of orange and brown so as to suggest intimidation
Timmy's House Colour Palette

Timmy's House Colour Palette

The colours of the home are lighter to create a comfortable feel for the home, both soothing and relaxing:

In the park Colour Palette

In the park Colour Palette

The colours for the nature were more bright and sprightly, to create a livelier feel of the outdoors

So what did I do? View my work process here!

Tiffany’s Work Process

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The ABC Girl (Actor, Blogger, Consultant) in Singapore!

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