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Final Project: Storybook -Work Process


Tiffany’s Work Process:

I wasn’t really involved in the drawing part of the storyboard, but more of the colouring using Illustrator. However, I suggested to have 3 layes instead of 2 for the starting page and helped to designed the inner room of Timmy’s house eg. Living Room, Bedrooms and Kitchen.

This is the draft:



After Sherman vectorised it, I worked on the background layouts.

Timmy's house

Timmy's house

I started with the first 2 colour schemes. And later worked on to the 3rd one for gradient and stuff. I found out that guys prefer the green while the ladies in our group prefer the brown one. In the end, due to majority votes (Since there’s more females) the final version is as shown. (Bottom right)

The inner house, also the one that the most details:

Inner House

Inner House

The challenge of colouring the innerhouse comes when working on the backdrop. The furnitures were coloured to get the right feeling first before working on the backdrop. As I wasn’t skilled in Illustrator initially, the one on the bottom left was done via photoshop. Thus, changes were almost impossible and have to be redone when changes needed to be made.



The initial version was to colour exactly what was vectorized. After some manipulations with the roots and stuff, and adding of mountains layers to make it look more realistic, here it is. The flowers were later changed too to make it look nicer.



The maze vectorised was a little problem-matic, thus I decided to experiment out a few versions of the maze. However, the purpose of the puzzle is to envourage Timmy or the reader NOT to step on grass. And the above maze did not fit to the theme. Thus the final version is born! (Bottom right)



Here are some of the frames before we resized everything

Author: Tiffany Yong

The ABC Girl (Actor, Blogger, Consultant) in Singapore!

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