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1.First Attempt

1. Objects as subjects

First Try:


Line: The leaves along the pathway to Engine/Architecture


Line2: Staircase to Chinese Library

Point and Shoot Camera: Shapes

Shapes: The tentage of Grinning Gecko, taken from Outside Central Library

Point and shoot camera: Texture

Texture: Mat flooring in Chinese Library

Point and shoot camera: Form

Form: Budding Flower from along walkway leading to Architecture/Engineering

Point and shoot camera: Pattern

Pattern: The drain from the shuttle bus-stop near Business Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library

These are my first try using my digital camera…
My personal comments:
Lines: I like the lines on the leaves, but someone else has also used it. So hmmm… I’m going to try something else…
Shapes, Texture, Form didnt’ come out as well as I like it…
Pattern: Surprisingly, I quite like this Pattern.. Perhaps I will retake it using DSLR..using various perspectives…

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Be The Judge

I was browsing through all the links, awed by the grand photos taken. But I was looking for a picture that could really evoke an emotion in me. I found a few photos finally which I find nice…

People in the News: 2nd prize singles from World Press Photo of the Year (2009)
Here to the photo source

Yannis Kolesidis, Greece, Reuters

A man's hand drips blood as he stands in front of riot police at a demonstration outside the Greek parliament in Athens, on December 9. Protests were triggered when a 15-year-old boy was killed by a police bullet in an incident in the city three days earlier. Demonstrations widened to include broader expressions of political grievance, in what became Greece's worst rioting in decades.

1. Select one winner and state briefly his/her winning strategies
Yannis Kolesidis, Greece, Reuters
This picture was one of the more touching and impactful photos that I’ve found. This photo did not take a full shot of the whole situations with the police faces and the protestors’ banners and actions. What the photographer did was take a single shot of an old man’s hand, holding a red folder, facing the police unprotected. Yet, the police were armed with shields.
The photo wasn’t gory and bloody, it didn’t need that to be impactful. All it took was a trickle of blood to show who was on the offensive side.

People in the News: 1st prize stories from World Press Photo of the Year (2009)
Barack Obabma: In his bid for the US Democratic Party presidential candidacy Senator Barack Obama broke all fundraising records, largely by harnessing support from  smaller donors via the internet. Obama clinched the Democratic nomination in June, and was elected 44th President of the USA on November 4, the first African American to hold the post. 
Here to the photo source


Barack Obama gives telephone interviews after a rally at Rhode Island College, in Providence, in March.


Barack Obama takes a nap while on the road in his campaign bus, traveling to Salem, New Hampshire, in January.


Barack Obama takes in a pull-up before speaking at the University of Montana.

2. If you were one of the judge, which picture will you select as an overall winner.
Callie Shell, USA, Aurora Photos for Time.

3. Give your judge’s comment to defend your chosen winning photograph.

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