Magic exist

I believe in magic… and miracles :)

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4. False Reality

Technique: Photogram, Photo Montage & image manipulation

Original Photos:


Original Photo 1


Original Photo 2Original Photo 3


Original Photo 4


Original photo5


Original Photo 6

Final Image:


Apple of the EYE

Description: My original idea was to portray how parents now-a-days pamper kids and sometimes, when they start having younger siblings, the parent may tend to overlook and neglect their older child. Sometimes, no matter whose fault, the older child will have t receive the punishment. Thus, the apple of the eye (掌上明珠) may be the troublemaker unknowingly, slowly ‘eating’ up the older sibling.
Problems: Lighting of the photo, bad photoshopping/cropping, blurred images


I decided to change to using either cars or oranges… depending on which one comes out better…

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Compose one surrealistic picture
– Idea & concept
– Composition

1. Upload your class discussion & sketch, cut & paste etc.
What is surrealism?
Something that is irrational and that plays with reality.

The two original photos:


Original Photo 1

Original Photo 2

Original Photo 2

 Merging the 2 pictures, here’s an idea of what we came up with – A girl’s relfection not exactly reflecting what she is doing.



New: I saw a video recently that make use of the logic of mirror to play a trick on people too..

2. Give your personal comment on a selected masterwork (either painting or photography), in the context of Surrealism
I found this photographer cum artist on the net and found his word amazing. It is simple yet thought provoking. His name is Erik Johansson from Sweden.

I love all his works and this is one I found pretty amazing and I based my next assignment on Surrealism on this picture.



On the first look, this picture looks normal, but on the second look, Erik seems to be ironing himself flat!
The connection from the head to the clothes and the flattened jeans and 3D leg off the ground makes the whole picture connected yet doesn’t make sense! This is simply too cool!
For more of his works, view:

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3. Focal Length & Sensor Latitude

Aim: To understand & apply basic on-camera techniques –focal length & sensor latitude

Focal length:

Perspective (1 photo)


f6.3, 1/5, ISO100, 17mm

Comments: This was a photo taken secretly from the MRT train, there were not much crowd, but I heard we are not supposed to take photos inside. So I stupidly tried to take photos and in the end, when I happily exit, I found tha the photos were all blurred and under expose. (P.S. Not used to the camera at that time)

What I wanted to show was the curve turn on the train when it was moving. Many people do not know that the train is actually doing turns in the underground just like how cars turn at traffic points. You are able to notice the turns only if you look around you and see how the long trail of people moving left and right without even moving.
Close up (1 photo)


f6.3, 1/5, ISO100, 85mm

Comments: This photo was taken during the Gundam festival at Compasspoint. I wasn’t a fan of Gundam, but with the deadline approaching, anything is fun and nice…

Zoom shot (1 photo)


f6.3, 1/5, ISO100, 68mm

Comments: I took this from the second floor of Compasspoint at the Gundam fair. I thought it was a pretty cool pic until I realise that we have to take note of the links and any curvature of the zoom lines will show if we shake during the take.
Sensor Latitude:

High Key (1 photo)


f5.6, 1/15, ISO100, 41mm

Low Key (1 photo)


f6.3, 1/5, ISO100, 17mm

Comments: These pictures were taken from The Paragon when I went for my lasik checkup. There was an jewellery exhibition in the wide open space by this China artist. I thought it was pretty cool to use ducks, or mandarin ducks as manequins for jewelleries.
However, the exhibition was held in low light area and I though initially that Low Key = dark pictures but still can see, High Key picture means very ‘brightly’ lit photos. But of course, that’s not all. So I failed the requirement of the photos.
The High Key photo has a light box behind, which was why one can see thru the glass ducks.
The Low Key photo was a stand with lotus sewn on, I think it’s the olden day type of screen cover for the ladies to change etc. Chinese is called 屏风.

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2. First Try

2. To understand basic on-camera techniques – aperture & shutter speed settings

Shallow-depth-of-field (1 photo): Focus on foreground

Shallow depth of Field

NIKOND50 f5.6, 1/160

Shallow-depth-of-field (1 photo): Focus on background


NIKON D50, f/5.6, 1/160

Deep-depth-of-field (1 photo):


NIKON D50, f/9, 1/160

Shutter: Freeze action (1 photo)

freeze action

NIKON D50, f/9, 1/160, ISO n/a

Motion blur (1 photo)

motion blur

NIKON D50, f/22, 1/3

With special thanks to JiaXiang for loaning and helping me with the camera

Description: As you can see, all these photos are taken from outside AS6, near central library. Although they met the requirements, there’s not much of a creativity inside. Sigh…