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2. First Try

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2. To understand basic on-camera techniques – aperture & shutter speed settings

Shallow-depth-of-field (1 photo): Focus on foreground

Shallow depth of Field

NIKOND50 f5.6, 1/160

Shallow-depth-of-field (1 photo): Focus on background


NIKON D50, f/5.6, 1/160

Deep-depth-of-field (1 photo):


NIKON D50, f/9, 1/160

Shutter: Freeze action (1 photo)

freeze action

NIKON D50, f/9, 1/160, ISO n/a

Motion blur (1 photo)

motion blur

NIKON D50, f/22, 1/3

With special thanks to JiaXiang for loaning and helping me with the camera

Description: As you can see, all these photos are taken from outside AS6, near central library. Although they met the requirements, there’s not much of a creativity inside. Sigh…


Author: Tiffany Yong

The ABC Girl (Actor, Blogger, Consultant) in Singapore!

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