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Compose one surrealistic picture
– Idea & concept
– Composition

1. Upload your class discussion & sketch, cut & paste etc.
What is surrealism?
Something that is irrational and that plays with reality.

The two original photos:


Original Photo 1

Original Photo 2

Original Photo 2

 Merging the 2 pictures, here’s an idea of what we came up with – A girl’s relfection not exactly reflecting what she is doing.



New: I saw a video recently that make use of the logic of mirror to play a trick on people too..

2. Give your personal comment on a selected masterwork (either painting or photography), in the context of Surrealism
I found this photographer cum artist on the net and found his word amazing. It is simple yet thought provoking. His name is Erik Johansson from Sweden.

I love all his works and this is one I found pretty amazing and I based my next assignment on Surrealism on this picture.



On the first look, this picture looks normal, but on the second look, Erik seems to be ironing himself flat!
The connection from the head to the clothes and the flattened jeans and 3D leg off the ground makes the whole picture connected yet doesn’t make sense! This is simply too cool!
For more of his works, view:


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