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f/16 1/20 ISO 400 17mm


Taken on: 16 November 2009
Taken from: Compassvale Crescent, LRT




f/5.6 1/30 300mm

Taken on: 17 November 2009
Taken from: Redhill/ JiaXiang’s house



f/18, 1, ISO 1600, 17mm

Taken on: 17 November 2009
Taken from: Home!



f/4.5 1/13 ISO 1600 33mm

Taken on: 16 November 2009
Taken from: Home



f/5.6 1/5 ISO 100 85mm

Taken on:  1 November 2009
Taken from: Clementi


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SHALLOW DEPTH OF FIELD (Focus on foreground):

f/5.6 1/13 ISO 1600 64mm

Taken on: 17 November 2009
Taken from: Home!

SHALLOW DEPTH OF FIELD (Focus on background):

f/5.6 1/13 ISO 1600 64mm

Taken on: 17 November 2009
Taken from: Home


f/9 1/30 ISOn 200 17mm

Taken on: 18 November 2009
Taken from: NUS outside Central Library, Lover’s Park



f/5 1/2 ISO 200 41mm

Taken on: 7 November 2009
Taken from: Outram MRT Station




f/7.1 1/1250 18mm

Taken on: 17 November 2009
Taken from: Near Redhill MRT Station

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SHAPES: Heart-to-heart

Taken on: 16 November 2009
Taken from: Seng Kang, Opposite Compasspoint

Orginal: f/16 ISO 400, 1/15, 85mm


Colour manipulation: f/16, 1/5, ISO 400, 5mm


Wrinkles: f/7.1, 1/50, ISO1600, 85mm

Taken on: 28 September 2009
Taken from: New Life Family Chiropractic, Parkway Parade


Shabu Shabu: f/5.6 1/50 ISO 400 85mm

Taken on: 16 November 2o09
Taken from: Cold Storage, Seng Kang


Chinese teapot: f/11, 0.6, ISO 400, 64mm

Taken on: 15 November 2009
Taken from: Home!


Broccoli: f/5.6 1/8 ISO 400 85mm

Taken on: 16 November 2009
Taken from: Cold Storage, Seng Kang

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Human: Nature

‘HUMAN: NATURE’ to address universal concerns faced by the world. The duality in the theme can be freely interpreted either as ‘Human Nature’ or ‘Human & Nature’. The ‘colon’ represents a relationship and a balanced ratio between Human and Nature. Thematically, it is an ambitious call for creative interpretation on HUMAN: NATURE.
Format Photo Essay: Create a series of 6‐10 photos
Final Submission: Report of developmental process


Human: Nature has many interpretations. It can be viewed as “human nature”, “human and nature” etc. The topic on the relationship between human and nature is pretty interesting and I plan to explore the different perspectives of the relationship and find something that may amuse the audience or provoke thinking.

Development Process

• Stages of idea development

Idea Generation

Besides exploring the relationship between nature and human, I came up with the natural process of human ageing cycle, ecological cycle etc. I narrowed down to 2 main ideas that I like and worked into more details.

Idea 1: The natural change in one’s mindset and objectives as he/she grows old

Elaboration: The photos come in two sets of 5 photos, where male and female each will have different things that they yearn for from young to old. But in the end, what they want will always be something irreversible.

Idea inspiration: I got the idea when I was on the train, observing several people. I saw how a grandmother is bringing her grandson, trying to make conversation with the grandson, but the child was only interested in his Play Station Portable (PSP). On another hand was an office lady putting on makeup and talking to her friend about the latest Gucci bag she saw in Orchard Ion. This gave me the idea of how man will always want something, different at different stages of life.

Idea 2: The natural ecological cycle of human and his/her waste.

Elaboration: This is a 3-tier relationship, making use of the natural state of matter- solid, liquid and gas. This series of photos are a reminder to human, what we get are not man-made and it expresses a hint of irony to the relationship between human and nature and also, the natural body functions of a human.

Idea inspiration: This idea was gotten from the daily happenings around me. With the pollution of the earth getting worse as days goes by, people often forget that the things we have, like air, water and food are given by nature and we usually take it for granted.

Consultation and Finalization of idea

After consultation with the tutor, the second idea was more interesting and has a hint of amusement in it. The first idea may have a common concept of carrying out the works, where photos are linked together.

Thus, settling on the second idea, I worked through to refine the idea and make it less “straight-in-the-face”

• Final work

The title of each series makes use of the provided theme Human: Nature and is intended to provoke one’s thoughts.

Fresh. Air?

Fresh Air: f/9 1/30 ISO 800 28mm

Fresh Air?: f/5.6 1/250 ISO 800 47mm

Fresh. Air?: f/5.6 1/10 SIO 100 85mm

 New. Water?

New Water: f/5 1/10 ISO 1600 41mm

Water?: f/5.6 1/13 ISO 1600 17mm

New. Water?: f/4 1/20 ISO 1600 17mm

 Organic. Food?

Organic Food: f/3.8 1/160 20mm

Organic Food.: f/5 1/160 52mm

Organic. Food?: f/4.5 1/25 ISO 1600 30mm


There were many things that are not easy to execute as one thought it will be. Some things may be too obvious, some too crude, some may not express in the way you want it and some may not be fit in with the rest of the photos.

These were some of the difficulties that I’ve met and tried solving. Photoshop could have solved many of the technical difficulties or skill disability, and this is what most people do nowadays. It is not easy Not to use photoshop when trying to take the photos, but once I got used to the DSLR camera, it was in fact difficult to try to use photoshop as you will want to challenge yourself and attempt it without manipulation.