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NM3208 Presentation 2i

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I. Watch the video above. Point out the part(s) that applies Ken Burns Effect.
– Which part(s) of using Ken Burn Effect you think are (is) good?
– Evaluate this video from other aspects (sound, photo, script, transition and so on). Which are (is) good and which can to be

I felt that the two zooming effect of the photo above is well done as it effectively showed the dreadful long flight of stairs and also Cheryl’s dread of climbing them. She included the words “Not Again!”, showing that it was not the first time she encountered the long flight of stairs.

However, if the first photo could be taken or zoomed out until viewers can see the top of the stairs, it will be a good way to bring out the loooong flight of stairs in NUS.

I’m not sure is the above two panning transition are considered ken burns effect when it uses a series of photos instead of one. But yea, Cheryl used the word stairs with her standing on the stairs, and the word Stress in a library, which I think is a good way to emphasize the words

The effect of the pile of suffocating books may be dramatized if the photo is taken from a lower angle, showing the book towering on top.

I think this is a good picture, which showed students studying along the library passageway, and the panning effect revealed the number of people “mugging hard” in the library.

I like this picture as it pans down from a smiling face to a face with wide laughter, effectively portraying the joy in Cheryl’s social life when she mixed around with her friends.


I like the way she mention that she has summarised the highlights of her 2 years worth of NUS Life in 2 minutes.

Something that she can improve on is perhaps the use of the graphics when she mentioned about how she does not have to travel all the way to the east. A photo of the East West Line direction board will be better than a graphic.

Something extra!
What’s so good about Ken Burn effect? (Credits to deskshare)

  • Breathe Life to Images:  That amazing collection of photos you have could enrich your video.  Simply use this effect to pan from one side of the picture to another (or from the top to the bottom), creating an illusion of movement.
  • Avoid Jarring the Viewer:  While it is nice to supplement video with images that add to the overall story, a sudden jump from video that has motion to still photos can startle your viewers.  Pan across snaps to create an illusion of continuous movement.
  • Highlight an Element:  You can simply zoom in on the person or section of the video that you want to emphasize.  The point of view gradually moves toward to the target, providing the viewer a closer look at a crucial component of your visual composition.
  • Enhancing Video Motion:  If the camera panned during filming, but you would like a more sweeping movement in your final video, use Pan and Zoom to sweep across the width of the video frame while the camera is also panning.  This can produce a truly dramatic feeling of fast movement.  This technique lets you focus on important elements in the image, while simultaneously showing the entire setting.

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