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NM3208 Presentation 2ii


II. What are the types of video transition? Please list 5 different video transition effects (see the Adobe Premiere menu). When should these transition effects be used? What are the meaning attached to each transition effect?
Please find 5 clips which illustrate when these five effects are used, and their meaning/purpose.
[eg. The meaning of the direction: From left to right [the good guy], from right to left [the bad guy], an example from Week 3 lecture].

1. Dissolve/ Crossfade: a gradual fade from one shot to the next, one of the shots gradually fades in until it encompasses the screen, the other shot gradually fades out until it is completely gone.
When to use: It should be use when a video or photo of a scenery transits to next image, or a location changes to another location to give a relaxed feeling, meandering pace or contemplative mood.
Meaning: Crossfades can also convey a sense of passing time or changing location.
Video Clip using Crossfade:

Meaning in the video: This is a video tribute to Jimmy Lin and Ruby Lin, using Jimmy Lin’s song, and the whole video uses mainly crossfade, (see first 20 seconds). In this video, the crossfade shows the transition of the two actors over the past 10 years.

2. Fade: transites to a single colour, usually black or white
When to use/Meaning: Usually used to  signal the beginning and end of scenes or video clip, often used in film and television.
Video Clip using Fad:

Meaning in the video: A fade to black was used in between [4:04- 4:-08] of the video to signify that the video has ended. 

3. Digital Effects:
When to use/ Meaning: Usually in trailers, to arouse excitement and curiosity.
Video Clip using Digital Effect:

Meaning in the video: This is a unique wedding clip trailer by Andrei Bart Studios and it uses many digital effect as transition, especially [0:30-0:32], making the wedding seems exciting and anticipating instead of the usual sweet and romantic feeling.

4. Wipe: transition that gradually replaces a shot with some kind of a stroke or pattern
When to use/ Meaning: Used to show a change in location.
Video Clip using Wipe: (Video url changed!)

Meaning in the video: This video is a tribute to the two high school musical couple. The heart shape wipe transitions shows the different photos of the couple in different locations, imparting the sense of love.

5. Cuts:  an instant change from one shot to the next without any special effect.
When to use: It is often used in news reports when there are only a few seconds to show multiple shots.
Meaning: It is usually a simple transition to tell viewers to move on to the next photo or clip.
Video Clip using Cut:

Meaning in the video: This is a photo tribute of two celebrities who had been together in the past, and the creator uses mainly ken burns effect of panning and zooming and cut as transition.

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  3. You may want to check the clip “wipe”. It has been removed by youtube. 😦

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