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3b. Songs Exploration for Kinetic Typography

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I thought of several songs that I will like to try working on.

One of them would be my childhood favourite show: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It influenced my life a lot. I learnt gymnastics and like pink, mainly because of my favourite pink ranger, Kimberly. I’m not sure if there is a time limit for the songs we choose, but there is the short 1 minute version and the extended 3-5min versions.

Difficulty level: ***

Other songs that I thought of working on are the songs from high school musical.

Difficulty level: ****

Here’s two songs from Simple Plan which I thought will be relatively easier to do the placing of the words

Difficulty level: ****

The next song, is a song mixed with English and Chinese. I tried searching for Chinese songs with typography, but I realised that there is almost none. So this will be a HUGE challenge for me. I chose this song as this is a song that brought many memories back to me and made me cried alot few months back..

Difficulty level: ******

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