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2a. Ken Burns Research

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Title: Motion Photos for CNM OR NUS
Medium: “Motion Photograph” /Video
Design of a simple movie using photographs (i.e., still image)
Theme: Promote NUS or CNM with Creative ‘Movies’ (Create a .mov for a Final Product)
– Develop a plot on the theme (e.g., about our university or our CNM programme; why you choose NUS/CNM, what you enjoy/like in the uni/campus, the uniqueness of NUS/CNM). How to promote and let others see the benefits/advantages of studying in NUS and CNM from your point of view as a student.
– Take as some nice pictures related to the theme you have decided.
– You may want to take around 10 to 70 pictures (i.e., Depending on the speed and the length of your clip).
– Correct the colors in the pictures (Color Correction Technique).
– Build a story around the pictures taken.
– You may use the software you are more familiar such as Microsoft Photo Story, Windows Movie Maker, Premiere or After Effects to do the panning, tilting, scaling, and transition etc.
– Where possible add some animations, rotations and montages.
– Add the title/credit in your movie
– Add voice/a narration/song/background.
– Requirement: maximum 3-minute clip

Stage 1: (Concept Development)
– Develop a plot for the theme.
– [Optional] Concept development: Thumbnail sketches of your concepts (i.e., can be a storyboard, pictures, photos or hand-drawn)
– Create 10 images (e.g. thumbnail, drawing or photograph)
– Ideally, the story should consist of intro (e.g. 2 images), main story (e.g.4 images), climax if any (e.g., 2 images), and conclusion/ending e.g., (2 images).
– Feedback: Present concepts to your friends for discussion
– Revise according to your friends advice.
– Go back to feedback above i.e., find more friends for advice, and revise till you are satisfied.
– Deadline: the week after Chinese New Year (8 Feb 2011)

Stage 2: (Implementation)
– Insert more images in between these 10 images (no restriction on how many images/pictures could be used)
– Production: Correct the colors in the picture and then develop the concept into final product using adobe Premiere and/or adobe After Effect (you may use any other software if you prefer)
– Submit to Youtube and submit the URL through IVLE workbin (Deadline is strictly imposed on IVLE
system). 7 March (Mon)

I thought the use of photos and the voice-over was quite good and amusing. For a moment, I really thought the hot air balloon OR satellite thing is moving across the screen! Also, the rocket seems to be really taking off! At 00:27s, I like how the narrator says, “This was errrr…” and the photo pan ove to someone holding something and he seems to be really saying, “This was errrr…”!!!



I think this is really what Ken Burns himself said in an interview, that one audience really thought it was a video clip!


I find this clip quite cool, a lot of stop motions, though not really a Ken Burns, but I wonder if it is able to achieve something like this? Cuz it seems so much more fun than just Ken Burns. I feel that a photo story using just Ken Burns effect seems like the video has to go quite slow, instead of something fun…

Sigh, I’m getting a headache from trying to find an original idea!!! Ahhhh…..


Ok, this is quite cool! I felt that this is suitable for our final project, IF the theme is on CNM! But, well, it’s on NUS, and I’m not sure if the idea will be used. So I thought of adapting this idea, plus a paranormic effect… How do I put it across? Hmmm, something like I can pan and zoom but the transition will move slowly up, down, left, right (something like the video) and it will seem like a one shot take all?

I think I will have to draft out something~

Finally got an idea~ Wheew…

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