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1c. Sketches + Comments

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I drew a better sketch of my three ideas and present it to my class mates for a critique session.

Idea 1: Tiffany’s Long House

Idea 2: All from me~

Idea 3: My workshop

Comments from Classmates:

Most people preferred the 1st and 3rd idea, which are my favourite too. Julian suggest to work on the room idea since I do not how to work on the 3rd idea where the transition goes from side to side. But I REALLY REEEEALLLY like the 3rd idea’s transition!!!

Thus, I decided to incorporate the two idea together, since the idea 1 is like transiting from one room to another, I decide to incorporate the transition idea from Idea 3 into Idea 1.

Julian mentioned about having a theme will be good for the website. Thus, I tried to think of something unqiue about the Chosen website idea. I decide to call it Tiffany’s Long House, since the horizontal transition will give viewers the impression that the house is veeeeeery loong!

Also, the rooms will transits and changes the colours from one to another, giving the impression of moving through a house that is located in the midst of a rainbow~

I wonder if the theme of a rainbow house seems strong enough?


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