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After effects of After Effects

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Ok, now, for the first time, I’m wondering what I got myself into by getting into NM3208…

I get giddy after attending After Effects workshop. I’m starting to google for tutorials as the 2 hour workshop is SIMPLY not enough…. My attention span is getting shorter and I’m starting to be distracted… I think I need another round of workshop again… Or else, find Jia  Xiang… wahaha… he made a grave mistake by asking me if I need help… Going to pester him from now on liao… muahaha… If I can find him in the first place…

Here are some websites, for those who are lucky enough to see my blog article… If not, you may even get it easily from Google…

After Effects
1. Basic Training:
2. 50+ effects:
3. 60+ Kickass effects:

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