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Final: Meeting 2 [Minutes]

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We had a meeting today after receiving the requirements for our final project.

Title: Our University and/or CNM Department
Medium: 2 Videos (.mov)

Design of movies to showcase the various interesting/distinguished aspects of CNM/NUS.

Maximum 3 mins each

1. Two different genres/style clips, for instance:
___* NUS and CNM
___* NUS (MTV) and NUS (Documentary)
___* NUS (Advertisment) and NUS (Documentary)
___and so on

2. Both clips should be rendered into
___* low resolution in AVI with no lesser than 320*240
___* high resolution in MOV above 720*480

  • Deadline: Monday, 4rd April 2010 (12:00 noon). Submit the final project to the server, youtube, and give the URL in IVLE.

For preproduction documentation, the deadline is Monday, 28st Feb 2011, 12:00 noon)
Styles: Narration, Commercial, Footages, Documentation, MTV and/or Interview

Other requirement: Please see the OAD slides


  • Basic digital audio and video production skills
  • Optimal use of video compression algorithm
  • Basic cinematic skills
We shared our ideas from the previous discussion and this was what my groupmates came up with…
Helen’s Ideas:
1. Have you watched Forrest Gump? I imagine the first scene of the clip will  be a white feather flying freely in the sky. The feather represents our fate, which is unknown and depends so much on the people and environment around us
2. In the next scene, the feather softly falls into a girl’s hand during the first day she comes to NUS
3. The girl meets 3 friends (I really like Tiffany’s idea that in NUS we can meet many different kinds of people): 1 becomes her dear husband, 1 becomes her best friends and neighbor, the other becomes her competitor from another company in the future. Thus the conclusion is that NUS helps define our future as it brings us not only knowledge and skills but also all kinds of people that will shape our life.
Daryl’s Ideas

1. Nostalgia – NUS is where memories are made. We could model our transitions after a yearbook ala Ken Burns, zooming in and out of the stills our footage, panning across pages. Think this would work nicely with the friends theme the two of you mentioned. Our opening setting could be a couple or a group of friends reminiscing over a yearbook, and our video revisits their memories.

2. Random – We could shoot something totally out of the context or location of NUS and tie it in at the end with a creative catch phrase, something like the example Julien showed in class where a crazy chase through alleyways and parks turns out to be a overzealous headhunt. An idea I had is maybe we could explore the horror theme, something like a student is treading carefully through darkened hallways and a shadow follows him. The suspense continues until he’s cornered. Then it turns out to be his friends throwing a surprise party – again, the friendship theme.

3. Faculty specific – We could focus on a single student at work, showing the passion and fulfillment he gets from his studies. For example, a life science student doing field work would make for great footage.


Think gives a nice combination of the ideas we’ve be leaning towards.


After deciding on our 2 video genres, we decided to meet up on Saturday evening and work on the storyboards, hopefully getting them out by the next lesson.


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