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iv. Promote NUS (MTV) script [draft]

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Type: Promote NUS, MTV


Business friend
Computing friend
FASS friend
Engineering friend
UCC male friend
Science friend
UCC female friend


_Girl: PGP -> Dentistry /Medicine -> Science -> University Hall -> SRC -> Yong Siew Toh -> UCC

_Boy: PGP -> Business -> Computing -> FASS -> SDE -> Engineering -> UCC

Where they start: a dot moving showing the way they run


_ PGP hostel room: Day (Boy and Girl)

The girl and the boy wake up and come out of the room. -> Exchange balloons at main entrance, and both run in opposite route


_ NUS Map showing 2 dots moving in opposite direction


_ Mochtar Riady Building: Day (Boy)

Boy enters lift -> appear in business attire + blazer -> Catch 2nd balloon from 1st floor coming up from Business friend


_ Dentistry or Medicine: Day (Girl)

Girl enters lift or LT -> change into lab coat and appear with 2nd balloon -> skip pass Science, Science friend pass a pair of goggles to her and 3rd balloon to girl


_ NUS Map showing 2 dots continue moving


_ School of Computing: Day (Boy)

Boy pass by SOC logo -> go in a com lab & close door -> appear in thick windbreaker, jeans and laptop -> (Pull out 3rd balloon from screen?) if not, Computing friend passes the balloon)


_ University Hall: Day (Girl)

Girl runs pass university hall.


_ SRC: Day (Girl)

Girl enters dance studio and emerge in sports attire. Rock climbing to get the 4th balloon?


_ NUS Map showing 2 dots continue moving


_ Central Forum: Day (Boy)

Boy run pass central forum, remove jacket and reveal FASS T-shirt -> FASS friend passes 4th balloon to him -> crosses road to SDE


_ School of Design and Environment: Day (Boy)

Boy exits SDE in carrying paper scrolls in formal attire (without blazer) with 5th balloon.


_ Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music: Day (Girl)

Girl enters Yong Siew Toh and emerges in a dress with violin/cello/guitar, with the 5th balloon.


_ NUS Map showing 2 dots continue moving


_ Engineering Block: Day (Boy)

Engineering friend puts the helmet on boy’s head, take away paper and passes 6th balloon to boy.


_ UCC: Day (Girl)

Girl hands over the musical instrument to UCC female friend.
Total of 5 balloons on hand.


_ UCC: Day (Boy)

UCC male friend remove boy’s helmet and pass a heart-shaped balloon.
Total of 6 balloons + 1 heart-shaped balloon on hand.


_UCC: Day (Boy and Girl)

Both run in and out of the I WAS HERE block and appear in couple T shirts. Girl hugs boy and let go of the balloon

Camera ANGLE up to soaring balloons.

Author: Tiffany Yong

The ABC Girl (Actor, Blogger, Consultant) in Singapore!

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