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1f. Final Work

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This are the screenshots of my final website.

You may find some differences from the actual site pages, like less words or picture cuts due to the positioning of images in dreamweaver.

I learnt a lot from this assignment, thanks to Jia Xiang, my great dreamweaver free tutor, teaching me how to use the css codes and ‘forcing’ me to attempt myself (even though I still mess up in the end!)

Also, I managed to link up my resume pdf by myself! OK, that’s a SUPEr great achievement, considering the noob level I’m in~

To view the website, click here:

I will like to thank: Ng Jia Xiang for ALL his help- coding expert… Anyone who wants to build a site, please contact him! Kenny Khek for ‘forcing’ me to buy a domain at the very last moment, Eng Chye for calming me down and teaching me how to connect server and domain…


Author: Tiffany Yong

The ABC Girl (Actor, Blogger, Consultant) in Singapore!

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