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Final: Meeting 4 (Minutes)

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We met up for a pilot filming on Friday, after our Assignment 1’s deadline, but sad to say, it was kinda failure. Daryl fell asleep and did not wake up (Must be the website!). We realised that he still did not managed to upload the files at 3pm! Ahhhh… Ok, I kinda screamed and quickly helped him with it~

In the end, when we did like half hour of filming, it drizzled. And we were still at pgp. zzz… We decided to split up the work and have each of us covering certain areas and meet up on Thursday (24th) with the videos and do the discussion.

Daryl shared with us the idea he had for the second video, and it was about merging animations with real videography. So it will be a story about a mouse mother and kid, walking along CNM room, hearing some weird loud noises and being very scared, in the end, when the camera zoom out, it’s actually people designing the whole mouse mother and kid walking thing… It’s kinda complicated, but we realised that this only covers the graphic/animation design part of CNM and not others. Also, there is A LOT of post-production work which we may not have the time!

But it was a nice idea all the same, so we told Daryl that he can actually use it for his Ken Burns, which will be much easier for him.

Sigh… this means we’re still one idea down.

But today, I thought of an idea, inspired by NUS’s own ads. Their slogan for 201o was XXX. Be the change. Thus, I thought we can have different people walking in front of a green screen, and based on their careers, they will be the one who change the backdrop.

Eg. Architect. – Create. Be the change. (The backdrop may be an old building, and when he gave it a wave, the backdrop is changed to a new building)
Educator. – Motivate. Be the change. ( A group of bored children, and when he gave the backdrop a tap, the bored children become alert and active.)
So this is somewhat like an ad for NUS.

Hmmm, wonder if it will be good.

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The ABC Girl (Actor, Blogger, Consultant) in Singapore!

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