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Final: Chosen Ideas

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Video 1: NUS MTV

Inspiration from:

Description of the project

We choose to promote NUS by a MTV. As we observed, many groups of previous semesters used documentary to promote NUS. Thus we strike to make a difference by using a song composed or remixed by us with a fast and happy rhythm.

The main idea of the  video is to answer the question “Why choose NUS?”. Because studying and living in NUS, you can meet different types of people from different cultures, who may later become your colleagues, competitors, neighbors or even your spouse. We tell a story of a boy and a girl and their journey around the Ken Ridge campus (can be understood as their whole journey in NUS during 4 years), in which they make friends with people from all faculties and schools and at their graduation day they meet their life partner.

The audience of this video is NUS current and potential students. Why choose NUS? Because in NUS, you can not only enhance your knowledge but also experience a piece of life, of making friends, keeping social contacts as well as finding the right person to rest your love on.

It is because different places in NUS have different lighting and to avoid the shaking of camera, we decide to use continuous shooting to show the characters running in stead of videotaping them. However the final scene at University Cultural Centre is videotaped, not taking pictures


Inspiration from:

Description of the project

We choose to promote CNM by comedy-advertisement. Instead of using the normal way of market CNM promoting the job opportunities of CNM graduates, we decided to adapt the idea from Common Craft, where one makes a video using paper cut-outs. The main idea of the  video is to answer the question “What makes CNM students from other graduates?”

In this video, there will be two voices, conversing. The main voice is the person promoting the CNM students in an exaggerating way while the other person will be very skeptical.

The audience of this video is potential employers of the CNM students. The wide range of skills CNM equipped us with, from reporting, writing, photography to design skills using Photoshop, Illustrator etc. These skills will be beneficial for the students when they step into the working society.

The objective of the video is to let the audience know about the benefits of having CNM student in the company in a bold and direct way, as this will be a refreshing change from the subtle methods used in most advertisements.


Author: Tiffany Yong

The ABC Girl (Actor, Blogger, Consultant) in Singapore!

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