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Final: Script & Storyboard for Video 2

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(O.S) This is a video guide to teach employers how to spot a CNM student in plain English

(O.S) These days, it is so easy to find a graduate in Singapore. Walk on the streets of Orchard road, the chances of approaching someone with a degree is like one out of four.  And they are all after ONE thing – A Job!

So how do you identify a Communications and New Media student from the crowd?


(O.S) The first step: How to Identify a CNM student


(O.S) Let’s take this Tom here as an example, a normal graduate. Now, let’s look at Tom as a CNM student.


(O.S) Notice how bright the eyes are, and the head, is larger than normal graduates due to the unusual amount of creativity in it.


(O.S) Hands, always constantly on the move, either on a smartphone, laptop or even on a sketchpad. This is the symptom of an over-dosage of creativity. They simply can’t stop!


(O.S) A CNM student is actually a superman in disguise, he can perform the duties of a journalist or a public relations or advertising practitioner, yet comfortable with visual design and content production for digital media—e.g. online publications, blogs, podcasts virtual communities, interactive advertising, practically everything FUN.


(O.S) Second Step: Where to find them?


(O.S) You can’t.


(O.S) A fully-evolved CNM graduate would have been snatched away the moment they step out of school. This is because , they are be able to work in a wide spectrum of private corporations, public agencies, non-profit organizations and media-related industries in policy formulation, public relations, corporate communication, media relations, media design, games design, journalism and research and information management positions, among others.


(O.S) They are wanted EVERYWHERE.

So, you can’t simply grab them of the streets just like that!


(O.S) Third Step: What to do to GET them?


(O.S) There are a small group of pre-evolved CNM students carefully selected by our sharp and experienced lecturers. These students are usually found in a place called the National University of Singapore, and the CNM department keeps a record of the list of evolving students.


(O.S) Want to search for them yourself?


(O.S) Beware, you may find many students along your way, playing games on Facebook or even working on their smartphones. They are just the normal students pretending to be a CNM student.


(O.S) Communications and New Media (CNM) at the National University of Singapore is the ONLY programme in Southeast Asia which offers media studies, interactive media design and communication management with a focus on new media.


(O.S) Can you spot them yet?



The End

Author: Tiffany Yong

The ABC Girl (Actor, Blogger, Consultant) in Singapore!

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