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2e. Ken Burns Raw Photo

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Here are some of the unedited photos we took during the recess week… Plenty of editing to do!

There are some photos which are backup versions, in case one doesn’t work out (Storyboard 1 and 2)

<- Poor Daryl having to pretend to have his pants dropped off (shorts credits to Eng Chye)

These looooong series of photos are for the Research aspect of CNM… (See the frame at the last photo?) It’s for linking to the next one!

Helen, her handsome bf, Daryl and me~ Trying to take some shots for Photos… Poor Daryl doesn’t know how to use a DSLR, had difficulty with the depth of the photos. lol. The shirt I bought to resemble Bejeweled was too loose for me, so I got Helen to wear it…

Thanks Helen!! 🙂

Eng Chye getting the easiest job, just to lie down to sleep… He’s da GAME DESIGNer… and me, for the last shot…. We took most of the photos in the USP Cyberarts studio… and guess what I found? A rendering in progress paper… Just nice for my photo huh? What a great coincidence!

This is a last minute makeup shot I got my friend to do on the 5th March @ CNM Meeting Room as I missed up some stuff during the previous photoshoot. The photos will be either blurred, or there will be missing photo frame for linking etc…

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