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2f. Ken Burns Edited Photos

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=> Image 1

=> Image 2/3 (I realised that there will be a problem with the continuity with a portrait photo, so I had to edit to make it a landscape… So… ta-daa….

The landscape version of image 2/3 (*hint hint: look at the odd wires and differing shades on top)

=> Image 4: diet pill news
***P.S. (I really wrote an article OKAY! But in the end, can’t even be read -.-ll)

Image 5: Coloured version of the media trends… by using multiply on photoshop 🙂

Image 6: Chosen photo! Did you spot any difference in this photo? lol?

Image 7: DA Bejeweled screen

Image 8: Photoshop photoshop…

Image 9: The SUPER looooooooooooooooooong image…(It was 10,000cm!) Cuz all in hi-res!

Image 10: After effects image in after effects… the background blend in soooo well that it was difficult for me to find the screen!

Image 11: Me me me!

Image 12: Final screen~ 🙂

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