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2g. Ken Burns Final Work


My Final Work….


I’m kinda proud of myself, cuz I managed to figure out the basic stuff of After effects before I approached Jia Xiang for last minute help…
It’s not perfect, there are still some alignment problems, and the animation may be a bit too fast…

But as an advertisement, if it’s too slow, and the clip is too long, it may be a bit boring? Tsk, so contradicting… But working to 5am for this 1min 26s video using After Effects, I felt that I’ve done my very best within my limited limits. lol.


Special Credits to:

Eng Chye (for lending his pants, being the sleeping model and photographer)
Daryl ( for being the most embarrassing model and photographer)
Helen ( for being the pretty model -wearing the ‘shiny’ bejeweled shirt and photographer)
Terrence (for being the handsome photographer and model)
Jia Xiang (for teaching me how to do music remix and doing it for me! lol)
Me, myself and I (for completing the video on time!)


Author: Tiffany Yong

The ABC Girl (Actor, Blogger, Consultant) in Singapore!

2 thoughts on “2g. Ken Burns Final Work

  1. the animation can fun=career is a bit too long (beginning)
    Daryl wears something more formal instead of t-shirt?
    change the type / position of the type e.g., somewhere predictable?
    change music?

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