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NM3208 Presentation 4ii

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Hmmm, we don’t have to do this presentation but I’ll just post a few stuff that I thought was good or bad…

Please see the following clip (at the end of the document). Please evaluate the choice of song/lyric/conversation, typeface, layout,rapid rhythmic motions, changes of scale, rotation and so on. How does it convey emotive content? Please give examples. How does itcontrol the direction of attention? Which particular transitions/motions are good and why? Which are not so good and how could they be improved?

Here are some of the good ones

-> shape of a house, with the word Roof as the roof

-> The use of a T as a hammer to signify the hurting

-> animation of C and OSE coming in to represent Close…

-> animation of so much, to make it looking like talking or saying

-> to represent the meaning of the song, making the word I love you.

Not-so-good ones

-> red colour against orange background, and the black round border doesn’t really signify anything

-> font not really legible

-> animation of ME came in a bit slow, vibration did not match the tune

Some good ones…

-> the turning of the word “mind” to represent “change” your mind

-> Using the female pictogram is a interesting change, together with the use of pink colour

-> changing of the colour of the pictogram to represent changing of clothes (lyrics)

-> the animation of the word “over” from the top

-> Using the same type of font for the same pitch

->good use of typography to represent hot and cold

-> use of the green and red colours, and also the tick and crosses to represent Yes and No

-> animating the word “in” in the box

-> and the words “out” and “up” of the square

-> animating of the word “down” dropping on to the bottom of the screen..


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