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3c. Chosen song

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Title: Moving Types
Medium: “Motion Text/Typography in Motion” /Video

  • Develop thinking with the end in mind (Principles of Personal Vision):
  • Decide on what your moving types should look when it finishes the sentences you choose.
  • Decide on the Typefaces
  • Remember Principles of Visual Communication: Size Contrast (which sentences/words should belarge/small), Weight Contrast (which sentences/words should be thin/thick), Color Contrast(where applicable), and Layout (where to put the sentences: where to begin and where to end),
  • Organize your vision: Create at least 9 organized sentences
  • Create a B plan: Choose different variation (2 variations on each sentence)

I had a difficult time choosing the song for Kinetic. Should I choose a song that I like or should I choose a song that I feel will be easier to express and get the feeling?

In the end, I narrow down my choices to choosing between 2 high school musical songs via elimination. (Because there were some vulgarities in Simple Plan’s song :()


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