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Final: Meeting 8 (Minutes)

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OK, I don’t know what is this called in English, but Chinese called it 定装, aka to try out the outfit and confirm the attire… Of course la, we not that professional, it’s just me taking photos of all the different outfit in different areas… And also some behind the scene photos…

Expensive Helium ballooooons…

Woohoo… I should take a photo after dragging it here from IMM

The Biz people look~

The computing look… oops…

The engineering look

Saying goodbye to the mahjong paper, aka SDE

Yea, one more down!

I was here… says the mahjong paper

National University of Stairs

Matching tees… We are actually preparing for National Day parade… patriotic right?


When he’s famous, these photos will worth a lot… heehee

Ok, should take more…

I was here….

We had difficulty completing the shot in a day, so we decided to continue on Sunday. BUT, the balloon burst on the second day and the sky starts to darken, which in the end, we couldn’t get anything done. 😦


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The ABC Girl (Actor, Blogger, Consultant) in Singapore!

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