Magic exist

I believe in magic… and miracles :)


Yong Whee Theng Tiffany

Race 种族: Chinese
Height 身高: 1.53m
Weight 体重: 41kg
Hair 头发: Black
Eyes 眼睛: Dark Brown
Languages Spoken 语言: Mandarin, English
Talents 才艺: Acting, Dancing

National University of Singapore Graduate (2011)
Communications and New Media Major
Aug 07 – Aug 08:  Health and Fitness Sub-Club – Deputy Course Director
Sep 07 – Aug 08:  Animal Welfare Society – Education Chairperson (NUS)
Sep 07 – Dec 08:  NUSSU S.A.V.E (Students Against the Violation of Earth) – Member
Feb 08 – Feb 09:  Communications & New Media (CNM) Society – External Projects Director

Other Blogs/ Websites:


  • (activities) Acting, Dancing, Gymnastics, Watching TV, Youtub-ing, Graphic Designing, Roller Blading!
  • (movies/shows) Titanic (Classic!), Moulin Rouge, Harry Potter series, Ip Man (Ye Wen), Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Yes, you din see wrongly), Charmed, Smallville, Ghost Whisperer, Pi Li MIT, KO One, X-Family…
  • (books/authors) Enid Blyton series-Faraway Tree, Magic Wishing Chair etc, JK Rowling- Harry Potter series etc

Dislikes: Jogging, being in the sun (sounds bimbotic, but I’m not), Exams


  • Microsoft Office, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Soundbooth,-Good
  • Adobe Dreamweaver, Encore – Basic

Acting Experience:

  • Participant for Mediacorp Channel 5 and Channel U’s “Testube” live variety show
  • Winner for Mediacorp Channel U’s “Testube” pilot program: Veteran and The Rookie 老将与新秀
  • MV Female Lead for Cheryl Wee’s “从今以后的每一天” (Happy Ever After) MV
  • Winner of Cheryl Wee’s “Happy Shiny People Contest”
  • Acted as a contestant for Channel 8 Drama “Rock Republic” 2012
  • Acted as an old woman disappointed with human’s selfish acts in the annual Bilingual NUS Arts Festival Play: SUNDAY 2009
  • Acted as an autistic eerie little girl in Nanyang Junior College’s Chinese Cultural Society Annual Drama Production《我们的白云岗 2005 之 你闻到了吗?》
  • Actress/ Scriptwriter for “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” Canon Digital Video Fest 2005 (Best Regional Video Award)

I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge — myth is more potent than history — dreams are more powerful than facts — hope always triumphs over experience — laughter is the cure for grief — love is stronger than death.

— Robert Fulghum

This Blog is currently used for my movie reviews and product reviews!

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