Magic exist

I believe in magic… and miracles :)


CLICK HERE to check out the videos taken on 15th March 2011

To view my work and assignments: Click on the links below

Presentation 1: Website evaluation, CSS and Woff – Completed!

Presentation 2i/ (ii)/ (iii): Photostory aka Ken Burns Effect – Completed!
***My attempt to spot different filming techniques using Salt Movie Trailer

Presentation 3i/ (ii)/ (iii)/ (iv) : Scripting – Completed!

Presentation 4/ (ii) : Kinetic – Completed!

Presentation 5i/ (ii) : Video Effects– Completed!


Assignment 1: NM2208 Portfolio Website
[a: Research b: Idea Generation c: Sketches d: The Chosen one – Graphics e. Drastic Changes! f. Final Work– Completed!
Visit to view the completed work!
Check out everyone else’s website! It’s great work!

Assignment 2: Photostory (Ken Burns Effect -CNM/NUS)
[a: Research b: Idea Generation c: Storyboard d: Edited Storyboard e: Raw Photos f: Edited Photos g: Final Work
h: Post-Submission Edits– Completed!

Check out everyone else’s videos!

Assignment 3: Kinetic Typography
[a: Research b: Song Exploration c: Chosen song d: Sketches of Chosen songe: First Video draft f: Final video]

***after effects of After Effects

Check out everyone else’s Kinetic Typograpy videos~

Assignment 4: Superhero
[a: Research b: Storyboard 1 c: Final video

Superhero on After Effects? What about Superheroes in REAL Life?

Final Project: Promote NUS and/or CNM
[a: Research & Idea Generation b: Initial Chosen Ideas c: Script (Draft) d: Final Chosen Ideas
e: Script & Storyboard for Video 1 /Script & Storyboard for Video 2 f: Final Videos]

* Video 1 Research

Check out the SMU Movement video here!

Watch everyone else’s video here– Completed!

Meeting minutes:
[25 Jan 2011/9 Feb 2011/ 13 Feb 2011/ 18 Feb 2011/ 24 Feb 2011/23 & 25 Mar 2011/ 26-27 Mar 2011/ 31 Mar & 1 Apr 2011/ 2-4 Apr 2011]



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  1. Hey, i think you visited my website so i came to “return the favour”.I am looking for ways to add things to my blog!I suppose its ok to use some of your ideas!!

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