Magic exist

I believe in magic… and miracles :)

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The Domino’s Pizza iPhone app

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Domino’s Caramel Sticky Dessert

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Final: Meeting 8 (Minutes)


OK, I don’t know what is this called in English, but Chinese called it 定装, aka to try out the outfit and confirm the attire… Of course la, we not that professional, it’s just me taking photos of all the different outfit in different areas… And also some behind the scene photos…

Expensive Helium ballooooons…

Woohoo… I should take a photo after dragging it here from IMM

The Biz people look~

The computing look… oops…

The engineering look

Saying goodbye to the mahjong paper, aka SDE

Yea, one more down!

I was here… says the mahjong paper

National University of Stairs

Matching tees… We are actually preparing for National Day parade… patriotic right?


When he’s famous, these photos will worth a lot… heehee

Ok, should take more…

I was here….

We had difficulty completing the shot in a day, so we decided to continue on Sunday. BUT, the balloon burst on the second day and the sky starts to darken, which in the end, we couldn’t get anything done. 😦

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NM3208 Triple Birthday Celebration!

We are all great Actors, WE ARE not STRESSED AT ALL!



TOTALLY uncensored!

This is dedicated for the Stressed… to unstressed… and for those who needs a laugh (or for those who misses beh beh or Yit han, lol)

We are not stressed… we are not stressed… we are not stressed… we are stressed…. we are not stressed…

We eat khek… Kenny khek cake… Julian’s D papa… 3 kids having birthday all within weeks~ WOW!


Happy Birthday to yoooooou…

p.S. Can this be NM3208’s final Module submission- for everyone? muahhaha….


2g. Ken Burns Final Work

My Final Work….


I’m kinda proud of myself, cuz I managed to figure out the basic stuff of After effects before I approached Jia Xiang for last minute help…
It’s not perfect, there are still some alignment problems, and the animation may be a bit too fast…

But as an advertisement, if it’s too slow, and the clip is too long, it may be a bit boring? Tsk, so contradicting… But working to 5am for this 1min 26s video using After Effects, I felt that I’ve done my very best within my limited limits. lol.


Special Credits to:

Eng Chye (for lending his pants, being the sleeping model and photographer)
Daryl ( for being the most embarrassing model and photographer)
Helen ( for being the pretty model -wearing the ‘shiny’ bejeweled shirt and photographer)
Terrence (for being the handsome photographer and model)
Jia Xiang (for teaching me how to do music remix and doing it for me! lol)
Me, myself and I (for completing the video on time!)

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2f. Ken Burns Edited Photos

=> Image 1

=> Image 2/3 (I realised that there will be a problem with the continuity with a portrait photo, so I had to edit to make it a landscape… So… ta-daa….

The landscape version of image 2/3 (*hint hint: look at the odd wires and differing shades on top)

=> Image 4: diet pill news
***P.S. (I really wrote an article OKAY! But in the end, can’t even be read -.-ll)

Image 5: Coloured version of the media trends… by using multiply on photoshop 🙂

Image 6: Chosen photo! Did you spot any difference in this photo? lol?

Image 7: DA Bejeweled screen

Image 8: Photoshop photoshop…

Image 9: The SUPER looooooooooooooooooong image…(It was 10,000cm!) Cuz all in hi-res!

Image 10: After effects image in after effects… the background blend in soooo well that it was difficult for me to find the screen!

Image 11: Me me me!

Image 12: Final screen~ 🙂

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2e. Ken Burns Raw Photo

Here are some of the unedited photos we took during the recess week… Plenty of editing to do!

There are some photos which are backup versions, in case one doesn’t work out (Storyboard 1 and 2)

<- Poor Daryl having to pretend to have his pants dropped off (shorts credits to Eng Chye)

These looooong series of photos are for the Research aspect of CNM… (See the frame at the last photo?) It’s for linking to the next one!

Helen, her handsome bf, Daryl and me~ Trying to take some shots for Photos… Poor Daryl doesn’t know how to use a DSLR, had difficulty with the depth of the photos. lol. The shirt I bought to resemble Bejeweled was too loose for me, so I got Helen to wear it…

Thanks Helen!! 🙂

Eng Chye getting the easiest job, just to lie down to sleep… He’s da GAME DESIGNer… and me, for the last shot…. We took most of the photos in the USP Cyberarts studio… and guess what I found? A rendering in progress paper… Just nice for my photo huh? What a great coincidence!

This is a last minute makeup shot I got my friend to do on the 5th March @ CNM Meeting Room as I missed up some stuff during the previous photoshoot. The photos will be either blurred, or there will be missing photo frame for linking etc…