Magic exist

I believe in magic… and miracles :)

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画皮2 (Painted Skin: The Resurrection)

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Magic To Win 開心魔法

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4a. Superheroes research

Title: I am a superhero
Medium: “Motion ” + Effect /DVD
Designing simple effects using motion picture (i.e. video)
Theme: Movie with an effect (at least one superpower effect: for example, time freeze, or time reverse).
Objective of the exercise:
•Moving from a static movement video to a full motion picture.
•Making effects in a video

Here’s some power effects found on Youtube… haha, that guy is quite quite actually~

Super blue flames power

Walking through the door


Time Freeze

Head exploding… abit gross


My favourite power witches

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3. NM3208 Kinetic Typography Videos

Tan Jue Ying Sherilyn

Yit Hann

Esther Beh

Carol Teo

Carol Wee

Nguyen Hoang Lien, Helen

et Leong

Mcintyre Mark Daryl

Kenny Khek

Sim Jia Sheng


Jeremy Koh

Melissa Ng

Eng Chye

Lionel Lin


Fan Roufang

Goh Chong Sheng


Lau Ah Wing Kan Foong

Cheong Chee Jun

Chan Xin Yi

Jolene Ong

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NM3208 Presentation 5ii

Special Effects and Visual Effects are often integrated in a drama/ clip, so I just chose some of my favourite shows and caption the parts where special effects /visual effects are used…

There are simply too many!

eg. Ultraman (miniature monsters are used); Titanic (miniature ship is used to film the “wide angle” of the sinking of the ship); The matrix, Spiderman etc etc…

In here, there’s a mixture of Special Effects and Visual Effects

For this clip, it’s mainly special effects (filmed in 1999)

For this clip, it’s mainly visual effects (The super powers etc)