Magic exist

I believe in magic… and miracles :)

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从今以后的每一天 -从开始到现在

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Magic To Win 開心魔法

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4a. Superheroes research

Title: I am a superhero
Medium: “Motion ” + Effect /DVD
Designing simple effects using motion picture (i.e. video)
Theme: Movie with an effect (at least one superpower effect: for example, time freeze, or time reverse).
Objective of the exercise:
•Moving from a static movement video to a full motion picture.
•Making effects in a video

Here’s some power effects found on Youtube… haha, that guy is quite quite actually~

Super blue flames power

Walking through the door


Time Freeze

Head exploding… abit gross


My favourite power witches

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NM3208 Presentation 5ii

Special Effects and Visual Effects are often integrated in a drama/ clip, so I just chose some of my favourite shows and caption the parts where special effects /visual effects are used…

There are simply too many!

eg. Ultraman (miniature monsters are used); Titanic (miniature ship is used to film the “wide angle” of the sinking of the ship); The matrix, Spiderman etc etc…

In here, there’s a mixture of Special Effects and Visual Effects

For this clip, it’s mainly special effects (filmed in 1999)

For this clip, it’s mainly visual effects (The super powers etc)