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NM3208 Presentation 2iv

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Spotting different filming techniques: SALT


Refer to the caption at the bottom of the clip.

I find this trailer clip uses many of the techniques mentioned in the presentation questions, thus I decided to make an attempt to try spotting the different techniques. Labelled the techniques and transitions used in the trailer, some parts are really very short, since it’s an action-packed movie, so you may have to pay attention to catch it!

(P.S. Not that I have a lot of time on hand, just that I’m super interested in filming stuff, and it’s partly to make up for my late completion for my first presentation, so hopefully I can get back the points for the extra hard work I’ve put in!!! Muahaha~ Spent 3 days working on this 4 blog entries, but enjoyed myself!!!)

I’m still not quite sure of the differences between wide-angle and telephoto. So pardon me if I spot wrongly!
This trailer uses a lot of fade-to-black transition, and with the sound effects, it created a lot of suspense and mystery around the movie, attracting people to watch the movie.

The use of very fast panning and zoom to close-up also dramatise and enhance the personalities of each character in the movie.

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